It is important to us to give back, so we donate a portion of our profits by sponsoring a Dog from The Dogs Trust. We aim to increase our donations and sponsor more dogs in the future. You can read about our sponsor dogs below.

As you can imagine we receive requests for help on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. We do our best to respond to each one and where ever possible help too. We do have several relationships with charities and charitable groups where by a unique code is given to them and their members which allows them to raise much needed funds whilst shopping on our website. If you would like to know more and get your own fundraising code please give us a call on 0777 269 3647

We are very sad to report that Sam our second sponsor dog has also passed away, but we would like to introduce our new sponsor dog Seamus, his short message can be seen below…
Dogs Naturally Sponsored Dog Seamus

Hi, I’m Seamus. I’m a Shih Tzu and I live at Evesham Rehoming Centre at Dogs Trust.

I like to keep my fur in tip-top condition and I try to avoid muddy puddles as much as I can! My carers think I’m fussy but I just like to keep my coat clean!

Dogs Trust SamIt’s summertime, and despite the rain my carers and I have been having a terrific time! We go for lots of great walks, and it really makes my day when my carers decide that while we’re out I should show off some of my tricks. I jump and dive, roll over and fetch! It’s great fun, and even better is the treats I get for my reward. I’m not allowed to have too many treats because it might make me put on weight but my carers keep an eye on what I eat and give me low-calorie treats so I can enjoy myself without getting too big!

It’s great to be living here at Dogs Trust and I want to thank you for stopping by! I hope you’re having a great time too! Lots of love and a wagging tail, Sam xx

Skippy Dogs Naturally

A Message from Skippy

I came to the Dogs Trust all the way from Northern Ireland where I’d been living on the streets. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw my new home. I’ve got my own kennel, loads of friends and I am surrounded by green fields, which are just waiting to be explored.Dogs Trust is a great place for an energetic chap like me, there’s always plenty for me to do. My most favourite thing to do is to take my carers for nice long walks and if they’ve got some tasty treats with them I enjoy it even more!

Thanks for Sponsoring Me! Love & Licks Skippy

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