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We are very sad to report that Skippy our first sponsor dog has passed away, but we would like to introduce our new sponsor dog Sam, his message is below...

Hi! Thanks for dropping by to see me, and thanks for sponsoring me too!

It's summertime, and despite the rain my carers and I have been having a terrific time! We go for lots of great walks, and it really makes my day when my carers decide that while we’re out I should show off some of my tricks. I jump and dive, roll over and fetch! It's great fun, and even better is the treats I get for my reward. I’m not allowed to have too many treats because it might make me put on weight but my carers keep an eye on what I eat and give me low-calorie treats so I can enjoy myself without getting too big!

It’s great to be living here at Dogs Trust and I want to thank you for stopping by! I hope you're having a great time too!

Lots of love and a wagging tail,   Sam xx


We feel it is important to give back so we donate a portion of our profits in support of the Dogs Trust.

We have done this by sponsoring Skippy and hope to add more dogs as we grow. So in effect the more customers we have the quicker we will be able to sponsor more dogs.

We chose the Dogs Trust as Dog Rescue is close to our hearts. We rescued our dog and loved her for the 18 years we had her.

A message from Skippy

I came to the Dogs Trust all the way from Northern Ireland where I'd been living on the streets. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw my new home. I've got my own kennel, loads of friends and I am surrounded by green fields, which are just waiting to be explored.

Dogs Trust is a great place for an energetic chap like me, there's always plenty for me to do. My most favourite thing to do is to take my carers for nice long walks and if they've got some tasty treats with them I enjoy it even more!

Thanks for Sponsoring Me!

Love & Licks SKIPPY